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Translating basic cancer research into drug discovery projects

CRUK-TDL has an understanding of academic and industrial drivers, enabling us to build alliances that maximise the potential for patient benefit. 


Through Cancer Research UK and an extensive network built up over 20 years in translational research, we have unparalleled access to thousands of cancer research scientists.

Our Cambridge and London laboratories house an early-stage drug discovery engine with the personnel and equipment to progress projects from initial hypothesis through to proof of concept. We recruit our scientists from industry and academia, and flexibly assign our multi-functional teams to best suit each alliance.

Our alliances can be formed in any area of oncology, for example: an entire cellular functionality, a single enzyme class, a specific cancer, an oncogenic pathway or a desired phenotypic modulation. In addition to our current alliance themes we are always interested in developing ideas in other areas of cancer biology with increasing scientific interest and therapeutic potential.

We seek to strengthen our science through our interactions with academic and industry partners. In the past 5 years we have successfully run projects and alliances with the involvement of more than 100 PIs (both basic and clinical research) and over 20 research institutions.

Our Partners' View

“A really great team of colleagues to collaborate with and the added benefit of unique tools that have been invaluable to the lab....It has been a really formative experience following work across multiple disciplines and understanding the drivers of drug development.” 
Prof. Peter Parker, formerly of London Research Institute, now Francis Crick Institute

“This is the first time we’ve had all of the academic networks fully established from the get-go.”
Dr Steve Tregay, President and CEO, FORMA Therapeutics

“Our continued alliance allows AstraZeneca to collaborate with leading scientists in the field of cancer metabolism”
Dr Susan Galbraith Vice-President Oncology, AstraZeneca