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Track Record

Cancer Research UK's Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories, and our predecessor Cancer Research Technology Discovery Laboratories (CRT-DL), have an impressive track record with our alliance model, establishing and executing several major relationships in recent years and, with its industry and academic partners, demonstrating tangible outcomes:



December 2009 CRT and AstraZeneca announce a major, multi-project alliance to build a portfolio of biological research in the field of cancer metabolism.

December 2012 CRT and AstraZeneca extend their multi-project cancer metabolism alliance for a further two years.

FORMA Therapeutics

September 2013 CRT and FORMA Therapeutics announce a bold research initiative to discover tools, technologies and therapeutic drug candidates against deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs).

June 2014 DUBs agreement renewed for a second year.

September 2014 CRT-Forma DUBs agreement shortlisted for SCRIP Awards 2014 – “Best Partnership Alliance”.

March 2015 CRT and FORMA Therapeutics announce the formation of two new virtual Asset Discovery and Development Companies (ADDCos) with novel chemical matter targeting undisclosed DUBs. There were further renewals of the alliance in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

January 2016 CRT and FORMA Therapeutics announce the formation of a third new virtual Asset Discovery and Development Company (ADDCo) with novel chemical matter targeting an undisclosed DUB.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

August 2013 CRT and Teva Pharmaceuticals sign a multi-project alliance agreement to research and develop first-in-class cancer drugs that modulate DNA damage and repair response (DDR) processes in cancer cells. The relationship builds on an existing single-project collaboration with CRT-DL focused on inhibitors of atypical PKC.

April 2014 Successful identification and licence to Teva Pharmaceuticals of a pre-clinical development candidate from the PKCi project.

May 2015 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries returns a portfolio of DNA Damage Response (DDR) projects to CRT following a strategic decision by Teva to focus on market-ready or close-to-market assets in oncology, presenting new partnership opportunities. In 2016 this portfolio was taken forward with the creation of Artios Pharma, a new company formed to develop drugs targeting the DNA damage response in cancer. Read more here