CRT Discovery Laboratories set-up in new space

CRT Discovery Laboratories (CRT-DL) moved to their new home in LBIC at the end of 2014. Their Protein Sciences and Target Validation and Disease Positioning groups, comprising around 28 people, moved into newly refurbished offices and labs on the first and second floors of the Amoroso building at LBIC. More recently CRT-DL acquired additional space on the second floor allowing their structural biology team to relocate to the site. CRT-DL’s structural biologists support their in-house drug discovery programmes by determining the three-dimensional structures of cancer target proteins bound to small molecule inhibitors.

Image caption: Crystals of AKR1C3 in complex with a small molecule inhibitor

This article first appeared in LBIC News, Winter 2015 issue. To read the newsletter in full, please click here.