Peter Parker

Senior Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute and Director of the CRUK KHP Centre at King's College London

Peter Parker was trained as an undergraduate in Biochemistry (BA) at Oxford and then as a post-graduate under Professor Sir Philip Randle in Clinical Biochemistry (D.Phil) at Oxford. He subsequently gained an MRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship to work with Professor Sir Philip Cohen in Dundee and following this started working in the area of oncology as an Imperial Cancer Research Fund Fellow with Professor Mike Waterfield in London, subsequently moving as one of the founding members to the Ludwig Institute at UCL. He was subsequently appointed Principal Scientist at ICRF in 1990 and has held a joint appointment with King's College London since 2006.

Peter Parker has run an independent cancer research group since 1986 publishing over 320 primary research articles and reviews in the area of signal transduction, biomarkers, cancer and drug development. Peter has active research interests in oncology and expertise in signal transduction, molecular cell biology and biomarker research. His work with and co-founding of companies has further developed interests and expertise in the area of drug discovery pertinent to oncology.

Peter Parker has been recognised by the research community for his contributions having been elected to the European Molecular Biology Organisation in 1997, to the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2000, he was awarded the Morton Prize in 2004, elected to the Royal Society in 2006 and elected to the European Academy of Cancer Sciences in 2011. Peter is a Principal Investigator at the Francis Crick Institute and Head of the Division of Cancer Studies at King's College London.

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