Owen Samson

Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute

Prof. Owen Sansom is currently the Deputy Director of the CRUK Beatson Institute for Cancer Research (BICR). Following a degree in Genetics in the University of Nottingham, Prof. Sansom completed an MRes in Biology in the University of Manchester and a PhD in the University of Edinburgh with Professors Andrew Wyllie and Alan Clarke studying the role of DNA damage apoptosis in the intestine.

In 2005, he formed his own laboratory in Glasgow where his group focuses on Wnt signalling and colorectal cancer, studying important pathways that drive this disease in vivo. Prof. Sansom won the BACR/AstraZeneca Young Scientist Frank Rose Award, 2007, and was promoted to a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2012. The focus of Prof. Sansom's research group is to understand the early common mutations that occur in epithelial cancer and how they provoke tumourigenesis and affect drug response. A crucial component of Prof. Sansom's research is to analyse these changes in 3D model systems, incorporating the microenvironment, using mouse models that faithfully recapitulate human diseases.

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