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Working with the best minds from industry and academia

CRUK Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories (CRUK-TDL) is a small molecule drug discovery organisation which works in partnership with the best minds from industry and academia.

Drug Discovery Experts

CRUK Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories (CRUK-TDL) is the in-house CRUK drug discovery unit with a principal focus on establishing and prosecuting biologically-themed multi-project alliances with industry. Based at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, and the London Bioscience Innovation Centre, CRUK-TDL comprises over 80 staff from both industrial and academic backgrounds.

Our expertise spans cancer target validation and disease positioning, immunology, assay development and HTS, protein crystallography, medicinal chemistry, PK-PD and cancer models. Through our alliance approach CRUK-TDL aligns these key skills with internationally competitive academic research and the development capabilities of industry partners to maximise cancer patient benefit.

CRUK-TDL has a principal focus on establishing and prosecuting biologically-themed multi-project alliances with industry. We bring together the best minds in basic and clinical cancer research, the rigour and drive of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and our in-house drug discovery and alliance management capabilities to deliver breakthrough medicines for cancer patients.

We’re uniquely placed to capitalise on the research and connections of Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest charitable funder of cancer research, and the strong links we’ve established with leading clinical and academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and biotechs worldwide.

A Proven Partner

CRUK-TDL has an impressive track record establishing and executing three major alliances in recent years and, with its industry and academic partners, demonstrating tangible outcomes.

Track record
  • Senior Management

    Our senior management team has extensive drug discovery experience, bringing expertise from both academia and positions in major pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

  • Cancer Biology Advisory Board

    The members of our Cancer Biology Advisory Board have been selected to represent the best in Cancer Research UK basic and clinical research.